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This programme features archive footage, personal stories and striking visuals of Britain's recent heatwave.He examines whether the nation's ageing infrastructure can cope with this ever more brutal onslaught, and what effect it will have on agriculture and the cost of living (subtitles) (repeat)Gordon Ramsay heads to Baltimore, Maryland, where Denise Whiting has alienated customers by trademarking the word 'hon', a term of endearment used by the local community.The programme also examines media coverage of the royal family, from a revealing documentary to the breakdown of Charles and Andrew's marriages (subtitles) (repeat)The events that led to the death of East Enders regular cast member Gemma Mc Cluskie in 2012 and the arrest of her brother, Tony, after her body was found in a canal five days later.Featuring dramatic reconstructions from the perspectives of both the victim and the perpetrator, as well as interviews with Gemma's friends, father and elder brother Danny (subtitles) (repeat)The first of two documentaries exploring the life, career and legacy of Walt Disney, making use of archive footage alongside interviews with his friends, colleagues and relatives to present a portrait of a ruthlessly driven animator and entrepreneur whose single-minded ambition allowed him to create a string of cartoon masterpieces that would define an entire industry.Gwen arranges with a Broadway-loving doctor that Bob is given his own room, and assures him that Chicago won't proceed until he is better.

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Women who came forward to accuse Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault tell their stories in detail, including Rosanna Arquette, Erika Rosenbaum and Paz De La Huerta, while the reporters who broke the story detail his ruthless attempts to preserve power, even as scandal threatened to engulf him (subtitles) (repeat)The stress begins to get to Bob as he finishes the editing of Lenny, which has considerably overrun.

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The nine remaining contestants are challenged to use their interior design skills to transform hotel bedrooms at the Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth.

The hotel has a strong chocolate theme throughout, so the competitors, split into teams of three, must incorporate dark, milk or white chocolate in their designs.

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