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She's also accrued more than 1.7 million subscribers on her The Loserfruit You Tube channel.

She starting getting involved in social media and utilizing You Tube and Twitch for gaming purposes in 2013. She's also a member of the Click collaborative channel.

But unfortunately for us women, not all of them live up to that stereotypical, ‘loser’ image of an unkempt, jobless bum playing video games on his mom’s couch.

But the sneakier deadbeats are often still supported by their parents (or maybe even a trust fund) and passing it off as their own.

o you have an amazing ability to attract the worst kind of guys into your life?

The type of guys who leave a trail of drama in their wake and only leaving you hurt, in lots of pain, and totally confused. Sometimes they're practically perfect when you're first dating but not long after you commit to each other...

Does he ask you many questions beyond the standard “How was your day?

” Guys who aren’t relationship-ready usually wind up that way for a foundational reason: selfishness and self-entitlement.

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