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Separately, one in six singles admitted in a 2017 survey from Match — which owns dating sites Tinder, Hinge and Ok Cupid — that they felt addicted to the process of looking for a date.And millennials (ages 18 to 30 in this case) spend 20 hours a week on dating apps, according to dating service Badoo.com, with men spending an average of 85 minutes a day on dating apps, while women swipe left or right for an average of 79 minutes daily.The value of doing a “Single Friends List” now is you don’t have the emotions of loneliness seeping in when you are trying to find someone to hang out with.

I began what I later termed a “Single Friends List” so in those moments when I felt alone and wanted to go to a movie or out to dinner, I had people I could call at a moments notice.

While dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble were developed to help people find each other, researchers from Ohio State University have found that singles suffering from loneliness and social anxiety are more likely to start compulsively using such apps.

“We had participants who said they were missing school or work, or getting in trouble in classes or at work, because they kept checking the dating apps on their phones,” wrote lead author Kathryn Coduto, a doctoral student in communication at the university.

You now get to choose what you like and what you love doing!

At the same time, I also know what it’s like to sit at the table eating dinner alone night after night when a relationship has ended.

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