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The procedure is similar to the intra VLR location updating only that the location updating request message is marked as IMSI attach and the initial message contains IMSI of the MS.

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If the contact between MS and network is not established, the VLR sets the IMSI status as detach.

Intra Vl R Location Update It is the simplest location update that requires no IMSI.

It happens in the current VLR without informing the HLR. VLR updates the MS location information and stores the new LAI, and then sends a new TMSI to MS if required (MS uses the former TMSI if no TMSI is carried in the TMSI re-allocation command). Inter-VLR Location Updating, Sending TMSIAfter the MS enters a cell, if the current LAI is different from the LAI it stores, it sends its LAI and TMSI to VLR through MSC in location updating request.

After receiving this message, the network marks the current user status in the system database for the paging program.

If the current LAI and the LAI the MS stores are the same, IMSI attach is initiated.

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