Liquidating distribution to c corp shareholders

Our computer division now operates as DWD Technology Group.

In June of 2007, DWD moved its Fort Wayne office to its current location, 9921 Dupont Circle Drive West, Suite 300.

On October 1, 2013, DWD acquired The Bair CPA Group which included 12 additional employees.

Finally, in 1970 the firm acquired their first IBM System/3 computer.

Proceeds from a cash liquidation distribution can be either a non-taxable return of principal or a taxable distribution, depending upon whether or not the amount is more than the investors' cost basis in the stock.

The proceeds can be paid in a lump sum or through a series of installments.

George Myers and then later James De Wald succeeded Floyd Sanford as leaders of our firm.

Frank Dulin, Allen Ward, Michael De Wald, Jim Doty and now Jeff Taner have also headed the firm.

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