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She complained to the press, and was let go, I believe.

The plan was for her to return for the next season, but the show was never picked up.

Supposedly CIndy Williams' departure from the show had a lot to do with her insufferable husband Bill Hudson.

Penny Marshall said they were willing to accommodate her during her pregnancy but that Bill Hudson was a total "pest" who made unreasonable demands.

I tend to think that if she'd never married Bill Hudson the show wouldn't have ended on such a sour note.

As I recall, Shirley simply disappears to be with her husband, not even bothering to say goodbye to her lifelong best friend Laverne.

I thought that was completely unlike the character. Everyone says how The Golden Girls are an updated version of Three's Company with a Roper inside the dwelling so they don't always have to knock but after watching several dozen Laverne & Shirley episodes, I think The Golden Girls are an 80's take on it.

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R31 Nice try at damage control from what you wrote at R19 but Rhonda WASN"T the only new character they introduced at the time (Season 6).

In L & S "Not Quite South Of The Border", the girls go south for a "near Mexico" vacation from Hell with a lousy room & manager.

= The Golden Girls go south for a "near Mexico" vacation from Hell with a lousy room & L & S "One Heckuva Note' Shirley gets mad over Laverne dating Carmine for 1 episode = Dorothy gets mad at Blanche for dating Stan for 1 episode (who later gets mad at Sophia for dating Fidel S. In L & S 'Fat City Holiday", the girls crash a fat farm pretending to be counselors = The GG crash a high school reunion pretending to be students/teachers.

It became an unsuccessful fish-out-of water comedy (attempt). The Golden Girls rip offs just from L & S season 5 =In L & S "Upstairs Downstairs" the characters go to Heaven = Sophia goes to Heaven to see Sal.

In L & S "Take Two, They're Small", L & S date two little men but the relationships don't go anywhere = Rose dates a little person & it doesn't go anywhere.

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