Leduc dating

We're very excited for our trajectory and where we can go over the next four years with our end goal being the 2022 Olympics." "Last season was very up and down for us," Cain added.

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While Le Duc doesn't partake in social media, Cain is quite the influencer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and loves connecting with her followers and sharing brands that have made a difference in her life.

Through her frequent posts, other skaters and fans can get a glimpse into the life of an elite figure skater and feel more connected with Cain and the sport itself.

"I've always had a huge passion for social media, I think it's a great vehicle to get your story out there, reach out to people who are struggling or just want to know you.

I feel for myself I've always been a personable and open person and especially in the last year I've really grown into that and noticed I have a strong following and it's what I do with it that creates this environment where people feel comfortable," Cain said.

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