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Some of these require going out and a lot of them are just stay at home nights.

With three kids, we have to stay in a lot so we have to make it fun!

Random word date- At the start of your date ask your partner to come up with a random word.

You plucked up the courage and asked her on a date. *applause* Now for the next step: choosing the activity. Sure, you can sit there and get to know each other, but really, who wants to get to know anyone in a steaming puddle of human soup? You may really love your family—and you may be certain that she will too—but we guarantee that on date , not your relatives.

And while we’re on the subject of misinterpreting, let’s talk about mission reunions.

It’s awesome to reconnect with the people from your mission, and bringing a friend is no big deal.

Last year for our 6 year anniversary I made John this little date night jar.

We always find ourselves on Friday and Saturday nights wondering what to do and trying to decide until it’s too late and we don’t do anything. Have a camp out in the living room, eat treats, and watch a movie. Go to a bakery and pick out a favorite treat, then talk a walk.

Then come up with a way to fulfill each item on the list that begins with the letter you assigned it. Take pictures of each other and pretend you are tourists. Throughout the next week, try to find as many ways to surprise each other with little love notes. See who can get the best stuff and meet up at the check stand. What is your favorite color, animal, book, movie, …? Pick out your favorites then go home and assign them to people. List four dreams (2 practical 2 fun) List 2 fears What are your favorite foods (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)? Name three of your favorite traits of your husband/wife List a favorite trait of each child or share your favorite memory of each child What is the craziest thing you have ever done? You have no right to “test” her spirituality, and it’s wildly inappropriate to show off yours. Additionally, the feelings you experience in the temple can be deep, even powerful.You may, for example, experience a sense of peace while you’re there (and so may she), but if you then jump to conclusions about those feelings should be applied, you could be doing some serious misinterpreting.

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