Laws on dating violence

The book also explores domestic violence in specific contexts (the military, police, and sports).

On the federal level, the book examines the interstate crime of domestic violence, interstate stalking, and interstate violation of protection orders.

Louisiana: HB 46 (2010): Requires each public school to provide dating violence education as part of its health curriculum in grades 7-12.

Maine: (2009) Directs the DOE to review its policies and rules regarding faculty and student training on the topic of dating abuse and to review its administrative policies to determine which address dating abuse.

Requires the Department of Education to develop a model policy that includes school personnel training.

Georgia: SB346 (2009): Requires the State Board of Education to add a teen dating violence prevention program to the rape prevention and personal safety education program for grades 8 through 12.

Many states have passed legislation to address dating abuse in schools.

It also examines the role of domestic violence in mass shootings and the role of domestic violence in tribal law.

Interweaving theory and social science research, the book aims to enhance the understanding of the multiple ways that domestic violence influences victims’ experiences and their legal claims.

The book is an essential addition to the library of every person working in the field of intimate partner violence or any person who is interested in learning more about it.

A major new reference guide was just published on domestic violence, Domestic Violence Law, by Professor D. The book is published by West Academic Press in its Hornbook Series.

The Hornbook Series is a collection of treatises on specific areas of the law.

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