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The LGBT lifestyle here is nothing you can see in your westerner country the three Drag queen / Crossdresser from the Philippines are attracting appreciations on the media for they funny performances.

What makes people curious about this trio, (as u can see in the video) is the nature of their show and their gender identity, which is not very clear!

After that we will give some tips on the types of places you can often find them, and also mention the best trans dating site in the world to meet them so you can start chatting with them now if you want.

We are going to assume that you have never met, messaged, or spoken to a Filipina ladyboy before, let alone hooked up with one.

Their look shows cosmetic surgery, which is common for ladyboys / transsexuals women, but their performance is quite drag queen style!

Maybe they got inspiration from Bell Nuntita's performances? 🙂 You liked this page about Beautiful ladyboys from Philippines Video Gallery ?

In Asia there is a huge ‘saving face’ culture which basically means you always keep things positive. When guys hang out with their buddies they often like to ‘break balls’ and rag on each other.

The Asian dating culture doesn’t work like that so don’t even try. But don’t say things that could cause them to wonder if you were serious about it, and definitely smile or even laugh at your own joke after you said it.

This may all sound extremely easy, and that is because it is.

If you aren’t aware ladyboys, shemales, transsexuals and t-girls are all the same.

If you are after any of them then you are going to be in the right place.

If you say this in a passive way they will understand and will probably come over.

Since they are as horny as you are so getting laid will be no problem at all.

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