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UPDATE72: AM 2/29 EENews Climatewire has a timeline narrative of the affair in A scientist’s fraudulent peek into Heartland’s files began with a modest request. The response about “giving away the game” makes me wonder if there were others in on the phishing, but it could just be coincidental.UPDATE68: AM 2/28 Walter Starck has a good comparison of Heartland/Fakegate -vs- Climategate at Quadrant Online UPDATE67: AM 2/28 Ben Pile has an excellent summary of Fakegate UPDATE66: PM 2/27 Yesterday it was “hordes” today it is “swarms”. UPDATE65: PM 2/27 the AGU president issues a statement on Gleick and AGU’s involvement with Gleick’s AGU ethics committee.UPDATE47: AM 2/24 Fraudulent emails to Heartland from Gleick have been released. UPDATE46: AM 2/24 The EPA was shown yesterday to “disappear” 8,000 in Federal grants to Gleick’s Pacific Institute.

UPDATE93: PM 3/6 Financial Post: ‘Fakegate’ latest climate clash – UPDATE92: PM 3/6 NYT’s Andy Revkin speaks of the fake memo issue, but basically tells people asking why he’s silent on the issue to go suck eggs (my interpretation). UPDATE91: AM 3/6 The Sound of Silence Harold Ambler asks: I have asked him, twice now, if he bothered to ask Peter Gleick if he was the author of an internationally significant document that someone fraudulently produced two weeks ago. UPDATE90: AM 3/6 Fakegate/Gleickgate – Global Warming’s Piltdown Man UPDATE89: 11AM 3/5 Wa Po weighs in with In climate wars, radicalization of researchers brings risks – The Washington Post UPDATE88: AM 3/4 At The Reference Frame: Selling your soul for a narrative: understanding the Gleick fraud UPDATE87: AM 3/4 The Toronto Sun reports: Climate expert’s pants on fire.It is quite strong and condemns Gleick (though could be stronger).UPDATE64: and PM 2/27 In a press release, the Heartland Institute President Debunks Fakegate Memo Meanwhile, days later, the Pacific Institute Board of Directors catches up with a new statement citing what we all knew last Friday. My earlier QOTW choice has apparently terrorized the twits with WUWT “hordes”.“He’s had a strong science background, especially related to water. (worth a read, wow, just wow – A) UPDATE76: PM 2/29 In a letter, Koch takes the NYT and Revkin to task UPDATE75: AM 2/29 Heartland sends a letter to all board members of the Pacific Institute.I don’t see this as the end of the road for Peter by any means.” As Donna Laframboise says, what will it take? Lying and stealing and misleading are OK so long as they help advance a good cause. UPDATE74: 820AM 2/29 In more dysfunctional editorializing from the LA times, trying to prop up Michael Mann and push his book, we have this passage: “Peter Gleick, a Mac Arthur “genius” grant recipient for his work on global freshwater challenges and president of the Pacific Institute, admitted earlier this month to borrowing a page directly from the denialists’ playbook.

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