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“But now he wasn’t beholden to Diane,” says a Sherwood pal. She might have met her match in Ben.”*Couric and Sawyer competed relentlessly for “gets” both when they hosted rival morning shows—Couric at NBC’s Today—but with radically different approaches.“With Ben, I don’t think he gives a rat’s ass” what Sawyer wants. Weller writes: “When a friend of Diane’s, a public figure, was being pursued by Katie’s people, the wooed eminence got a call from [Diane’s husband, the famed director] Mike Nichols, who said—in a very nice way, to be sure—that he and Diane would essentially cut off all social contact if their friend appeared on Today.”When Diane beat Katie on an interview with a 57-year-old woman who’d given birth to twins, Katie mused aloud, according to a person who heard the comment: “I wonder who she blew this time to get it.”*After the attacks of 9/11, Amanpour defied then-CNN president Walter Isaacson’s attempt “to get all the reporters in the Middle East to skew their stories more favorably to Israel.” Instead she aired a critical report about the Israeli destruction of an Arab village, without including the Israeli government’s point of view.Former ABC News President David Westin, whom Weller portrays as Sawyer’s corporate handmaiden until he allegedly fell out of her good graces by not naming her top anchor after the ailing Peter Jennings left the job and was replaced by Bob Woodruff, told me on Monday that he didn’t even remember that the book existed until a former aide reminded him that he’d heard about it five years ago, when Weller was beginning her research.“Certainly she did no fact checking with us,” Westin said, referring to himself and his wife, Sherrie Westin, an ABC News executive who, like David, was married to someone else when they met at the office. She has been in nine celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.9 years each. Given Name: Katherine Anne Couric Age: 62 (1/7/1957)Occupation: Entertainment - Talkshow Host Most Famous For: Today Show "In my early twenties, I didn't have a regular girlfriend. And then when I was 26, I met Deb on "Correlli." She was my leading lady. I started planning to propose to her at about three months.

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Sawyer is a Machiavellian, often-inscrutable workaholic who uses her seductive charm and good looks to professional advantage and torments news producers with her relentless perfectionism and insecurity—an apparent consequence of a fraught relationship with her judgmental, formidable mother (who once sent the adult Sawyer into a self-flagellating death spiral, Weller writes, when she criticized how her TV star daughter had made her bed).

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For Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Christiane Amanpour, the moment of truth is about to arrive—or at least a book-length facsimile thereof.

News executives and network publicists have been distracting themselves from this summer’s seriously depressing or otherwise alarming world events by passing around and poring over bound galleys of The News Sorority, veteran journalist Sheila Weller’s gossipy chronicle of the rise (and occasional stumbles) of three of television news’ best-known women.

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