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Head down the main road and look for paths that get you close to the dark-sand beach of Qijin Seaside Park.

Among the draws here is Rainbow Church, a colorful open-air chapel-like structure with an ocean backdrop that draws countless couples for wedding-photo shoots, and the Qijin Sea Pearl, a large clam-shaped amphitheater-like structure designed as a sea-viewing platform.

South of the lighthouse is Qihou Battery, built by a justifiably anxious Qing Dynasty government in the 1870s, fearful of invasion by the Japanese or Western powers.

It was later used by both Taiwan’s Japanese colonial masters and the Chinese Nationalist government.

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There are numerous old, renovated Kaohsiung Harbor warehouses here, long abandoned, which were formerly used to store such goods as fish meal and granulated sugar.

From the top of the ruins you have marvelous views south over Qijin Island and Kaohsiung Harbor.

(To explore more of Qijin Island, consider renting a bicycle or electric quadricycle (inexpensive and well-maintained) from one of the shops right outside the Qijin ferry building.

Once you are on the island first check out Qijin Old Street, the oldest settlement of Kaohsiung, dating back to the 1600s.

There are inexpensive, simple-décor, high-quality seafood eateries serving the freshest catch imaginable, with display tanks by entrances.

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