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Ahmad Givens, aka Real, star of VH1’s “Real Chance of Love,” died Saturday following a battle with colon cancer, Givens’ spokesperson told The Wrap. Givens starred on the reality dating show, an offshoot of “I Love New York,” with his brother Kamal Givens, aka Chance.

The show, which premiered in October 2008, featured women competing for the pair’s affection. Ahmad and Kamal were also in the rap group Stallionaires.

, has died at age 33 after battling colon cancer for almost two years.

The news was announced on Saturday by multiple outlets and by his brother and co-star Kamal "Chance" Givens. Chance posted a touching tribute to his brother on Instagram.

A jury found Trulove guilty, and he was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.

” Givens underwent surgery when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2013, but didn’t begin chemotherapy treatments until this year, after the cancer returned.I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do for you."Real told the website that his mother was with him at the time and that he had to call his wife and tell her the news, which was the hardest part. Of course its ultimately God,but she literally nursed me back to health.Almost exactly one year ago, he penned a moving tribute to his wife on Instagram, saying, "If it wasn't for this beautiful woman, I don't know where if be or if I would be doing as well as I'm doing." Hey everyone, I just want to share something personal with you all. She cooks,she cleans,she takes care of our household,she takes care of me and our son,my business,my doctors and she never complains."God was number one and my family was number two," he said."God just really blessed me with abreast strong support system. And on those days when I was down, I didn't let anybody see that because I didn't want them to get down.

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