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)..there is a logic to it...yet, what exactly is this logic?

In a book i'm reading, the author says, "the Jesus way shows us that we need not battle violence with power and force, but with humility and revolutionary subordination. Sometimes all the peacemakers need to do is battle violence with revolutionary patience and steadfast hope, for the universe bends toward justice and the entire Christian story demonstrates the triumph of love."The older I get and the more I see the tragedies around me, the more I am convinced that there is NEVER a reason for violence..you agree or disagree?

As explained in the podcast, the Department of Energy is focusing on compressed hydrogen (5000-10000psi) and liquefied hydrogen for near term hydrogen fueled vehicles.

The long term plan is to develop solid state hydrogen storage, which means metal hydrides and chemical hydrides.

8, 2007 by a suspected gang member Leonardo Otero, 15, Kelvyn Park High School-Shot and killed on Jan.

7, 2008 in a drive-by shooting Roky Uriostegui, 16, Kelly High School-Shot three times and killed January 16, 2008 by suspected gang members Karlton Wells, 16, Nancy Jefferson High School-Shot and killed Feb.

I think it’s probably a valid fear, the gas tanks are pretty strong in some locations but at the neck they can be very weak, I’ve heard stories of these gas cylinders going through huge concrete walls and actually there’s a scene from the last James Bond movie where he’s chasing somebody in a hospital in Cuba and blows a hole through the wall with a gas cylinder, that’s what it would be like in your car.

Right now there’s work going towards 10000psi compressed hydrogen gas tanks, which is progressing very nicely and will get us up to the 300 mile range, and it’ll reach the 6 wt% hydrogen requirement, but there are extra costs associated with the materials that are needed to get up to those pressures and the fabrication methods don’t seem to be very flexible so meeting the cost target is the big issue.

Here's a quick overview of some of the hydrogen storage technologies that the D. Right now we can store hydrogen gas pretty easily at a pressure of 5000psi.

And obviously the higher the pressure, the more hydrogen you can store.

20, 2008 in a fight over a cell phone Rogelio Calderone, 17, Lozano Youth Connect Charter-Shot and killed Feb.

29, 2008 after confronting a group of gang members Jose Garcia, 18, York Alternative High School-Shot and killed March 1, 2008 while sitting in a parked car Kadeidrah Marsh, 15, AAST – Orr Campus High School-Shot and killed March 2, 2008 after a dispute involving another girl Paris Bassett, 16, School of Leadership South Shore-Shot and killed March 2, 2008; found on a South Side sidewalk Ruben Ivy, 18, Crane Technical Preparatory Common School-Shot and killed March 7, 2008 by a suspected gang member Channon Taylor, 18, Community Christian Academy-Shot and killed March 8, 2008 while sitting in the back seat of a car Marcellus Daniel, 15, Bronzeville Military Academy-Body found in a garbage can on 3/14/2008, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head Salvador Contreras, 18, Gage Park High School-Shot and killed March 16, 2008 in a possible gang-related shooting Miguel Pedro,15, Alfred Nobel Elementary-Shot and killed March 28, 2008Chavez Clarke, 18, Hyde Park Career Academy-Shot and killed March 29, 2008 after leaving his Saturday class at Simeon Career Academy Shannon Brown, 17, Fenger High School-Died from a gunshot wound to the stomach early Tuesday April 1, 2008Brashai Griffin, 15, Bloom Trail High School Found strangled to death in a creek near her Sauk Village home Albert Vaughn, 18, Juilian High School Beaten to death by a baseball bat, Saturday April 5, 2008God bless you all...

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