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EC: Taking on two full length documentaries is a big undertaking especially funding the project independently, can you explain what has been the most challenging part of the process for you? Dev and I have paid for UNDEAD thus far, but it has grown and grown and grown!

Are both documentaries being filmed simultaneously? We have met with a number of production companies who want to invest, but based on those meetings, we feel this can’t be made within the system and be the film it needs to be.

Do you find this type of promotion has been more effective than relying on social media? I am so excited that people are partnering with me to make film history.

Will you be allocating any of your Indiegogo funds towards more standard forms of advertising? We are going to make the most definitive vamp doc ever!

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EC: You have been utilizing events like Comic-Con and Monsterpalooza as promotional tools. I am dying to make the film that people want to see!

One of the main inspirations for us has been delving into the use of vampirism to explore the human condition in such a wide variety of ways.

For Joss Whedon the metaphor for BUFFY was, “high school as a nightmare.” For Anne Rice, it was about “loss and grief.” Her daughter died of Leukemia so she wrote, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE with a child vampire who wouldn’t die… For Kevin Grevioux, the creator of UNDERWORLD, it was “interracial dating.” He created two species, who don’t get along.

EC: You will be launching your official Indiegogo campaign in October, is some of the money raised on Indiegogo being used to release and promote the films or for other purposes?

Will the films be available online, released directly to DVD or into theatres? JL: There are a lot of exciting options brewing distribution-wise.

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