Julian cheung anita yuen dating

When asked if Magic Child has the genetic talent of a genetic parent, Liang Liang said that the Magic Child's play "Good Feces (Bad)," but Liang Di expressed her son's handsome Tony Leung Chiu-wai Appearance, Stephen Chow 's humorous.

More frankly, do not want his son to enter the showbiz.

Pretty Liang Parents proud to talk to a teacher, received the teacher's question: Then he play time?

"I heard that sentence, as if poured into the ice water from the top down." Liang Liang particularly self-blame, she hopes Magic Child has a happy childhood.

Speaking of Anita Yuen, we had to grill Julian Cheung, a pet lover.

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Parents frequently change jobs to the disadvantage of children growth .

Recently, Anita Yuen (Liang Liang) exposed in a show with her husband Julian Cheung (Chilam) in recent years, only to tell his son Morton Cheung (Magic Child) two occupation is an actor.

Previously, she and Julian Cheung did not tell their sons and their two jobs and professions, so our devil has been thinking for a decade that Dad was a police officer before selling and selling sushi.

So she decided to reduce the workload next, take the time to spend more time with their children.

Mention the magic child education, Liang Liang said before was "monster parents", in order not to let the magic child lose at the starting line, to the magic child schedule row full, reported a lot of extra-curricular classes.

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