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Starring in a Disney TV show, several movies and releasing five albums as a music artist, the star has achieved so much for someone who is 26 years old.Selena, whose father is of Mexican descent, is also the most followed musician on Instagram.In an interview with Capital FM in 2015, Selena said that Nick is “lovely” and that their relationship was “sweet” and like “puppy love”.

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The reasoning behind the break up was supposedly due to their busy schedules which they found difficult dealing with whilst maintaining a relationship.

This constant secrecy may have been the reason Selena and Nick’s relationship didn’t work out.

10 years after the romance ended between Selena and the youngest Jonas Brother, it appears that the two singers still remain friends.

During an interview with Insider, Selena expressed that she was very happy and that she felt “lucky because he’s more of a best friend than anything else”.

Selena’s relationship with The Weekend unfortunately ended within a year. Discussing the split, Selena revealed to NME that the break up ended well.

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