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She has been linked with a handful of successful men but none of them became her partner for life.

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She wants to look, she wants to find, she wants to . That was very much on his mind, how to transform the comedy yet again. They dated in the late 90's when Posey had her career peaks. Parker Posey has appeared in over 50 films Thomas Bellar and Parker Posey's relationship is an alleged one, as they never made it official.Thomas is a famous American author and editor, who co-founded the Open City Magazine.K.’s bookish, possibly bananas date, Posey was a revelation, leading our hero like a schlubby Dante through the vibrant underworld that is New York City. But three weeks later I took part in a benefit reading for the school his kids attend. It’s like Woody Allen and John Cassavetes combined. Do you think TV has picked up any of that creative slack? Louis is the only one getting the opportunity to do it, really. But the indie film scene got taken over by big budgets and big paychecks and big stars. I think people are starving for his kind of attention to detail. No one is putting anyone on a witness stand and talking about this dead person in their refrigerator, you know? You turn on TV now and you hear that on nearly every channel! Alternately tender and terrifying, “Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2” was both a creative breakthrough for an already excellent show and a long-needed turn in the spotlight for Posey, one of the most gifted actors alive at revealing the brittle cracks hiding behind every smile. It was me, Louie, Nathan Lane, Marisa Tomei, Mario Cantone, and this was right in the days after he released his comedy DVD on the Internet, so he was dealing with all of that. It’s exactly what we’ve been missing in entertainment, not just in television but in film too. It’s sad that only a few people these days get a chance to really create their own material and not have anyone mess with it. This totally surprising moment of chaos and beauty. That’s what people do when they walk outside; they’re open and looking for experience. The other thing you said at that discussion that really stuck with me was how when you received the script of , experiences where I was really able to bring a lot of myself.

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