Jill marie jones dating bryce wilson

She has intrigued the audience with her incredible performance in the UPN comedy series, Girlfriends, Fox supernatural series, Sleepy Hollow, Starz horror-comedy series, Ash vs. The gorgeous actress, Jill Marie started her acting career from the television series, City Guys in 2000.

However, the turnover came in her career after featuring on the UPN comedy series, Girlfriends created by Mara Brock Akil.

The actress seems to be enjoying solitude after facing three dysfunctional relationships.

Over the course of the next three years, she had several minor roles, all of which were in films, before in 2010 came her next TV series role, as Gillian in “Gillian in Georgia”, which was this time the lead one, and thus a heavy contribution to her career.

She has also appeared in other numerous television series including City Guys, Gillian in Georgia, American Horror Story: Asylum and Sleepy Hollow.

The star embraced her acting skills in several movies including Universal Remote, The Perfect Holiday, The Longshots, Meeting Spencer, 35 and Ticking and Hear No Evil.

Her Facebook account is currently followed by over 64,100 people, while her Twitter account boasts a significantly higher 131,000 followers, and her Instagram account is actively followed by more than 80,000 fans.

The outspoken and tangible nature of Jill Marie Jones helped her to become an established actor from a struggling model back then.

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