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They were quite popular in his local neighborhood of Songpa-gu in Seoul.[3] While working part-time jobs, Kim Hyun-Joong was cast by the boss of an entertainment company, but the boss turned out to be a con man. Since the day i saw you in BOF i fell in love with you and been to until now.

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In a promotional interview, Kim Hyun-Joong stated that to improve his pronunciation (he felt he mumbled sometimes), he held a wine cork in his mouth while practicing his lines. For intense and purposes this whole situation has been ugly from the start and hard on both families.[8] Kim Hyun Joong ..❤❤❤ You are such a good actor. Recently I watched your Playful Kiss and I have become a big fan of yours..? Fighting and hope to see you in the next dramas Don't get upset because of negative comments you hear or see. Human beings can do ill deeds ,that's the nature of this world. YOU HAVE GREAT TALENT oppa use it well as you did before. Be happy because you got a chance to choose your true fans ,friends,relations. I heard this guy was abusive towards his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in previous miscarriages. I can't believe there are people supporting this man. Kim hyum joong I'm yours biggest fan from India I'm watching your all kdrama I like you so much & I youreally song "because I'm stupid" I wish to God that I meet one time in my life.[7] While appearing on the talk show "Kang Shim Jang" (hosted by Lee Seung-Ki & Kang Ho-Dong), Kim Hyun-Joong mentioned that he dated a member of female idol group for 5 months, but didn't specify her name. We, the public should just back off, let have their privacy, and resolve the matter through their attorneys.He did mention that they went to the movies together and once went on a fishing trip. I will send them all good luck for an amicable solution and wish the child to be strong, healthy and to live a good life. When i saw you in boys before flowers and miscieveous kiss ithink your acting is standard and rate, but when i was saw you in inspiring generation your acting is wonderfull and very differences.

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