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Thus, with a local Jewish community that is more racially diverse than popular assumption, JAM is aiming to provide an environment where Jewish youth of color can be “laid back and have a healing, conversational space to explore identity,” Gladstone said.

“The main thing that we’ve heard is that they [JYCA youth of color] are looking for space to have community with other Jewish people who share their identities,” she added.

Instead, we join with Jews around the world each year to search our souls, take our place among this flawed people (and species), and look forward with hope.

JAM’s first flyer said the program will allow the teens “to chill, chat and smash systems of oppression.” “JYCA is a safe space where young people from any walk of life and affiliation with Judaism can come together and be led by adults who care about them,” said Jennifer Esteen, a board member at JYCA, which serves the East Bay and Peninsula from offices in Piedmont and Foster City.

“My youngest son likes JYCA, but traditionally he has felt like an outcast,” added Esteen, who is black.

We offer a diverse range of adult education classes, open to both PSJC members and non-members.

PSJC members teach many of our classes and we bring in distinguished experts to teach subjects, as needed.

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