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As one of the most storied sports in America, it should come as no surprise that college football has been written about so extensively and eloquently.

People have been playing college football for nearly a century and a half, which means there's plenty of material with which writers have been able to work and more than enough history to fill a small library.

And, with approximately seven months left until the 2011 college football season kicks off, there is sure to be plenty of downtime in the lives of the sport's most rabid fans to pick up a book or two and load up on new material for all of those "best/worst/greatest" debates that are sure to come.

With that in mind, here's a look at 50 of the best books about college football available on book shelves everywhere.

Walsh's book, thus, provides readers with a slightly less impartial, and thus slightly more interesting, account of college football history.chronicles the game of college football in a much broader context.

Chad Gibbs, a man known much more for his comedy exploits than his love of football, provides a humorous take on college football in the South as something akin to idolatry, with fans packing stadiums every Saturday like mega-churches to worship their favorite players and coaches.

Definitely a worthwhile read for any football fanatic with a sense of humor. Between the stunning photographs, Scott beautifully documents the rich history and tradition of the Southeastern Conference, decade by decade, program by program, in a way that goes far beyond your average coffee-table book.

Carroll gives a masterful telling of how the "Galloping Ghost" became one of the country's most revered sports celebrities in the 1920s, when the game of football was just gaining a foothold in the mainstream.

Carroll beautifully contextualizes Grange as quiet man of rural values who became a symbol of the old American ethic in a time of increased industrialization and technological breakthrough.

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