Jay chou dating hannah

Chou who is estimated to be worth about NT billion (S8 million) also revealed that he will not sign any pre-nuptial agreement with Hannah Quinlivan to protect his assets.

Sharing that she felt extremely pressured and vexed by the weight of the public’s opinions, Hannah went on to explain that she couldn’t understand why they couldn’t go public with their relationship.

When it came to life after marriage, Hannah revealed that she’s someone who really likes playing pranks.

From feeding little Romeo a bit of lemon just to see his face all scrunched up from the sourness, to wrapping the toilet bowl with clingfilm on April Fool’s Day, the family-of-four was unable to escape from the clutches of Hannah’s mischief.

21-year Quinlivan has been more vocal—while her boyfriend has denied rumors of invitations and proposals, she’s hinted towards wedding bells in January, even mentioning her preferred style of dress (“princess style”).

But, the model tells the fans to wait a little longer; everything will be announced once their plans are completely settled.

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