Javascript validating input

In Java Script, validation is used to authenticate a user.

In this Java Script Validation article, You will learn about form validation in the following sequence: It is a programming language that helps you to implement a complex and beautiful design on web pages.

This week we will put a number of the concepts from this course together to tackle a new project - creating and validating input entered into an HTML5 form.

Forms are extremely common elements used to input and send data to via a webpage. Before we can validate input, we need to think ahead.

We will look at how you can use Java Script to add options to your forms, to pre-fill data based on previous input, and even to check that passwords match. We need to think what is it we want to validate on our form or on our page.

Finally, the value of the input may be what you're trying to validate. These are the type of things I'm talking about when I say what to validate.

When we talk about how we want to validate, here's where it can get a little bit more interesting. These are the things we'll cover in just a few minutes.

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