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I’m not sure quite yet, but here’s what I know so far: You ever have that Hump Day crazy feeling about dating?

Since I’ve been single for several years, I have this fear (irrational or not, I can’t decide) that I’ll never meet someone I’ll actually connect with.

After 10 days of heavy antibiotics (thanks to an impromptu trip the ER), when my friends suggested margaritas on a Friday night, I happily obliged.

We went through our usual catching-up work — craziness, what exercise class we’re planning to go to, the awesome event we should all sign-up for — and then we turned to the most entertaining topic: dating.

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You have a wonderful catch of a guy there, and he has a wonderful catch of a girl, so it’s a win-win for everyone! Ohh Nessie dear 🙂 You are so kind to me 🙂 I consider it a great compliment when someone says I am a great catch 😀 We hear it mostly the other way in our relationship , though I love hearing that 🙂 But this feels good too ;)And thank you SO much for the wishes dear.. You’re sweet and funny, and fun and supportive – it’s clear to see that you two are an adorable couple suited very well to one another. May God continue to bless your union and your love for each other!! I’m in the process of redecorating my apartment, and because I’m approaching my late 20s, I decided I wanted to invest more in things I like, instead of things that are cheap.In an odd twist of priorities, I’ve felt a satisfaction in looking through rug samples, finding the perfect gold pillow cover and creating the writing nook I’ve always dreamed of.But while they stayed mostly optimistic about it and at least somewhat excited about the prospect of new dates (that could hopefully, turn into more than happy hour partners) — I was on an entirely opposite end of the spectrum. I didn’t really notice how jaded I’d become until my friend pointed it out.Our second stop was a bottle of rose outside (because that’s a smart decision after margs, not), where I decided to show them the ‘ridiculous’ messaging conversation I was having with someone on Hinge.

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