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The Five Worst Date Places Food in teeth, nausea, childhood stories and exposing your pot belly are all things you ought to avoid on first or second dates.You run the risk of experiencing these and other humiliating incidents if you choose the wrong place to bring your date.Forget about watching for the usual signs of cheating. The best thing you can do is become adept at spotting the subtle signs of infidelity, since there won't be any obvious signs to give him away. - 829 Telltale Signs by Ruth Houston is a comprehensive infidelity reference which lists hundreds of obvious and not-so-obvious signs of infidelity.The subtle signs are the ones he won't even think to cover up. The signs are grouped into 21 major categories so you can easily find the signs that apply to your mate.

The most important thing to do if you're dating this man is learn to spot the subtle signs of infidelity, because these are the signs that will inevitably give him away.

How can you tell if the man you're dating is one of these potential cheaters?

Wouldn't it be great to have this information about him before getting too deeply involved?

) or in combination with any others, you've got a HARD-CORE, HABITUAL CHEATER on your hands who's probably already having an affair.

(You could unknowingly be the Other Woman.) For this man, cheating is a way of life.

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