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Simkhai is aware of this, but admits that he does not understand it. It’s odd.” The shoemaker goes barefoot Simkhai keeps Grindr open on his cellphone all the time. In his profile pic, with the hills of Santa Barbara in the background, he is shirtless. And I want someone who is attracted to me, interested in me, not in Grindr.” When you like someone, don’t you go through their message history and photos a bit?

“I don’t know whether it’s a sexual thing or just a pose.

In the meantime, my awareness of my appearance has also grown, and — fine, I need to go to the gym too. “I don’t like it,” he says, “but it’s not my job to police such things.

I’m not a sixth-grade teacher.” The data on Grindr’s servers could be fertile grounds for study, but few Grindr users cooperate with researchers. When you start talking with somebody, you don’t know where it will end. But I have hookups, and try to go out when I can.” Simkhai says that while he has been in relationships in the past, it’s not easy for him to find partners.

“He suspected it and dropped hints, he wanted to know,” Simkhai says.

It’s not that I was lying to myself — my coming out of the closet was a process.” In college, Simkhai majored in economics and international relations and, he says, “I slept with a man for the first time, someone I met when I went to a different college for summer session.

I was 18, and to get rid of the thoughts I had on the subject, I decided to try it once.

But 10 million downloads and a growing number of mentions in the press, in films and on television show that its importance is much greater than the sum of hookups it has facilitated.

Grindr is today not only a thriving business, carried along on the buff shoulders of millions of gay men.

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