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When a reporter pointed out to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens that they never kissed on-screen during the first , Zac said that he had never realized that the movie didn’t contain a kiss, whereas Vanessa said that there was a kiss, but only on her cheek.

Director Kenny Ortega, who was present during that particular press conference, added that the two teen actors were very forgetful because a kiss had indeed happened during that shoot.

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While this sounds too good to be true and some fans have wondered whether this story was constructed in order to give off the appearance that Zac and Vanessa’s pairing was “destiny,” there is video footage of both of them auditioning for the first time together, leaving no doubt that this is how the lovebirds actually met.One of the excuses that Vanessa offered was an evident one: “Long-distance relationships are hard no matter what.” Despite the fact that both Zac and Vanessa were from California and worked on the trilogy together, they also worked on various other projects apart from one another, which prompted them to be separated several times, and for long periods of time, throughout their relationship.Vanessa embarked on a musical career under Disney’s tutelage right after the first . No matter, Efron sticks by her even as false reports swirl that Disney will drop her from is released.Turns out, they were attending the wedding of Efron's manager.

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