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Does it matter or can you overlook that in favor of the body?It depends on what the objective of the night is, to be honest.In my last column, I wrote about you and about the comments you made and I basically assured your fans that guys do a lot of talking but when it comes down to reality, they usually end up with who they find interesting and who has that certain "something" that keeps them interested. Can you tell me what to you is the ultimate "hook" for you when it comes to women?Is there a certain something that just catches your eye or that you really like in a woman that makes you choose her over all the other beautiful women out there? There is a group of30-something women, some are heavy, and they would like to meet you. Or would you not even agree to go and talk with them and meet them?I am a hot young woman (This is just for the question and it is notmeant to be a pick up line, really!!! I see you in a bar with your friendsand I want to let you know I am interest in you. As you can see, I am trying to get a feel for what you meant by not "liking" a certain segment of women.

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He came back and started a new faction, called Legacy. Age isn't really a concern, but as you said I am only 23, so I don't think dating a 20 year old is a big deal.Also I would like to point out that a quote was taken from a comment of mine I supposedly made which was "He says he likes very young women under the age of 20", and used in an article posted March 28th on Patty's Place. I did say that I would date an 18 or a 19 year old. Most wrestlers, indeed most men, gettheir heads turned by a great body. I know I would look first at the guy with the great body over someone else.We talked before in an interview about your choice of women and you were 100% honest saying if it was just to hook up, you would go for the hottest woman around but if it was for a relationship, it would have to be more in-depth. That is not to say after he opened his mouth that that the guy with the bod would hold my interest.What if the Barbie-doll looking girl is dumb as a box of rocks?

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