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Then the couple went on to voice that they collectively wonder whether the diaper changing will ever end.For their first birthday celebration, the couple spared no expense at the shindig in Sydney, Australia.A whole lot of cake was in abundance and so were the balloons and smiles.The professional dancer did not hesitate to share pictures of the joyous event on her Instagram page.The front of Robert’s home is unique in that it is made up of concrete, wood, and glass, so it looks very contemporary.Robert’s home is about 4,500-square-feet, so while not the most massive of Hollywood mansions, it’s still very spacious inside.

He appeared on the Russian version of the Bachelor and is a real estate property developer.One cool feature of the home is its unusual lighting fixtures.Criss-crossed strips of LED lights hang on the ceilings of many of its rooms.A treat once in a while never hurt anyone, this is a mantra that Kym Johnson is no stranger to.Though she sticks to a pretty airtight diet, the professional dancer often indulges in a treat once in a while.

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