Is chelsea handler still dating andre balazs

The 44-year-old comedian has had a handful of public relationships in the past, but mostly stays single.

She opts to spend most of her time on comedy, writing books and political activism, often taking hard shots at President Trump and Republicans.

He knows better than anyone the power of celebrity endorsement.

Chelsea Handler has been dating hotel magnate André Balazs on and off for almost two years.She stays at all his hotels and also happens to be the fiancée of Arthur Landon, 35, son of the late Sir Timothy Landon, the 'White Sultan' (a former SAS officer who secured a fortune of some £500m from the Sultan of Oman for helping to overthrow his father).Arthur is close to Prince Harry (he was on the infamous Vegas trip when Harry stripped for billiards).'He has a real admiration for the arts and artists, and a solid education in the classics,' says a friend.One year, he sent his hotel VIPs a present he'd curated - the best works on travel, from Herodotus to Paul Theroux. 'He loves the idea that creativity is happening under his auspices.' To this end, Denzel Washington holed up with Balazs to prepare for Film ideas are hatched in his restaurants and he throws an annual party with Eric Fellner.

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