Is blake shelton dating miranda lambert

He expressed gratefulness for the couple's undeniable love and attention for the kids he shares with Gwen - Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, reported Pop Culture. You know, we both manage to feed them and get them to school on time, more or less!

" he said about his and Blake's common effort to care for the kids.

However, their happily ever after never came because less than three years into their marriage, rumors surfaced that their marriage was in trouble with speculations of cheating and a possible divorce.

According to a report at the time, the pair was on their way to a million dollar divorce.

Years after the two have split and moved on to date other people, they are still stuck taking swipes at each other whenever the opportunity presents itself and when it doesn’t, they create it.

The two who were once the most beautiful couple in the country only after Faith Hill and Tim Mc Graw had a love story that could charm almost anyone before their ship surprisingly hit the iceberg and sank.

Following his divorce in February 2006, Lambert and Shelton went public with their romance which before the divorce papers were signed was kept away from the media.

It was rather scandalous in more ways than one; Blake Shelton was a married man when the couple first met in 2005.

They briefly ran into each other before they later performed the David Frizzell and Shelly West song “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” on the CMT 100 Greatest Duets special. It could be the song or something more, but while they were on stage for the rehearsal, they revealed that something neither of them understood happened.

They both knew it and according to Shelton, even though he was married at the time, he couldn’t help but fall in love with Miranda.

Four years on, the beautiful couple seemed to be going even stronger and then in May 2010, he decided to take it even farther by proposing to her.

To show his seriousness, Lambert went ahead to ask Miranda’s father’s blessings before he asked for her hand.

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