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You can find more details about how to share your feelings in this article.It’s important to form relationships with people who love and respect you, who care about your feelings and want to understand who you are and how you feel.The most common forms of invalidation include blaming, judging, denying, and minimizing your feelings or experiences. Invalidation might sound something like this: Invalidation can also be non-verbal: rolling your eyes, ignoring, playing on your phone or another distraction, leaving the room.Invalidation isn’t just disagreeing, it says: I don’t care about your feelings. When your feelings are minimized or denied, it’s natural to want to defend yourself or to strike back and emotionally wound the perpetrator. In fact, the perpetrator is often looking to put you on the defensive and draw you into a non-productive argument that further distracts you from the real issues.However, you don’t need other people to tell you your feelings are acceptable.The important thing is that you know your feelings are valid regardless of what others think.I can hold onto my truth and also remain open to other people's perspectives as long as there is mutual respect.I'm learning to distinguish between people who invalidate and disrespect me and those who are curious and interested but have different experiences and feelings than my own.

To have a satisfying relationship with someone, you need them to understand you.

For example, feeling angry, afraid, or sad tells you that something’s wrong.

You don’t want to miss these crucial pieces of information because they can help you to take care of yourself and make decisions to keep yourself safe. They are a reflection of your thoughts, experiences, and perceptions, which is why two people can have the same experience, but feel differently.

Sometimes emotional invalidation is done accidentally by someone who is well-meaning but has a low emotional intelligence or simply isn’t paying attention to your feelings.

A common form of invalidation is when someone tries to cheer you up when you’re sad because they feel uncomfortable with your feelings.

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