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Only one percent of people in the United States live with schizophrenia.It’s not a huge number, and this fairly low prevalence rate makes it an illness that is often misunderstood.It’s an illness that people live with every day—they’ve just learned to manage it so that they can lead functional lives.If you love someone with schizophrenia, you likely know how much they can struggle, and there are a number of things that you can do to help both yourself and your partner promote a healthy relationship that thrives despite the chaos that the disorder can create.

But it’s important to remember that they are still the person you love, and treating them differently when they’re struggling most will do nothing but worsen that struggle.A great deal of stigma surrounds it, and that creates a cycle of misconception and fear that causes many to look at those who suffer from it not as people that need help and support, but as people to fear and ostracize.The reality of schizophrenia, however, is very different from the cultural perceptions that tend to define it.I often end up seeing the world in a very different and frightening way, and at the time I’m having these delusions, I really believe them.Experiencing and interpreting the world in a completely different way from everyone around you is a scary and alienating experience.

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    When working with clients, it becomes especially useful when they're navigating new dating waters as they are working on their own boundaries and self-development.