Inno problem updating

Mini Reg.exe, this is available from Jordans website, on the Inno Setup page, or you can click on this link and download it directly: This file was created by Jordan as well, and is also freeware. If you check your BDE folder (usually it is in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland\BDE), you may find the file BDEINST.

CAB if you do, use the DOS command EXTRACT to uncompress this file to the BDEINST. The command would look like: If you get an error doing this, or the file is not in your installation of the BDE, you can download this file from Jordans website, but you can ONLY do this using Internet Explorer there is something about the way Netscape tries to download this file that messes it up.

It also creates it in the correct format for Inno Setup, as well as give you the opportunity to run Inno Setup from within Script Maker to create your

I cannot go into all the details of how to create a Installation Setup program for you Visual d BASE program, because that is beyond the scope of this article.

This file is required to install the BDE, and was created by the Borland Database Engine team After reading Kens article you might say to yourself, but I dont fancy this scripting thing its way too time consuming.

There are two sample scripts called Sample1and Sample2

Use either of these to test and experiment and learn from.

On scanning the d BASE news groups, I found many threads concerning problems and difficulties in deploying an application. Namely, which files do I deploy, and the other more troublesome one is the failure to successfully deploy and update the BDE.

The later stems from Install Shield Express problem with updating the BDE correctly.

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