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The FDR Drive have Major Interchanges crossing the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges which has not damage the Beauty of the East River Waterfront......... I somehow think you and I will disagree about the merits of its intended use, but the fact remains, that as it stands now, it really doesn't go anywhere (that's figurative language by the way.

hat tip: right through the Pier Six Concert Pavilion, the Marriott Inner Harbor, and the new Legg Mason tower. It literally goes "somewhere" but because it is the result of a half baked idea and only goes a mile and a half or so, it does not go anywhere for most Baltimore drivers or connect anything in a meaningful or convenient way) or serve a purpose.

Houston benefitted from having access to a natural resource in demand (oil) and spawned several powerful energy companies as a result.

Atlanta was the historical center of the Federal Reserve Bank of the southeastern US; its powerful financial sector there solely because of the Fed.

I-95 was built to the south of, rather than through, the downtown area, with the I-395 spur leading into the CBD. The resulting highway system serves very well, in my opinion, of getting people downtown who really want to get there, while keeping the through traffic out of the CBD.

Yes there is congestion downtown, but show me a major city that doesn't have that. And as a bonus, those thru travelers that choose to use I-95 are treated to a rather cool view of the city.

After seeing what happened in other cities, the plans were rethought and the roads built in more appropriate places.

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I-395 Runs Directly Across the Southwest Waterfront and they have plans to make the DC Harbor 3x's the size of Baltimore's Harbor..... It's not called the "highway in the middle of nowhere" it's called "the highway to nowhere" because it doesn't serve a purpose in it's current state.

As for the rest of your post, it simply is not very coherent nor does it really address any of the points that I put forward.

I dont think of Mt Vernon, Canton, or Fells Point as mayberryish, depressing, or particularly blue collar which, by the way, you seem to use as a derogatory term.

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