Ibs dating sites

There was so much talk about this and how much of a good idea it was that concerns were negated by the community themselves.

If people were struggling on regular dating apps then it was clear that there had to be an alternative.

It’s time for the second piece in our ‘Successful Spoonie Businesses’ series and we’re finding out everything you need to know about Gutsy Dating.

Founded by Phil Beesley in 2017, the world’s first dating app for people with digestive health problems is here to ‘connect with those who understand you and your lifestyle’. What if you unknowingly eat something that makes you feel uncomfortable and you end up rushing to the bathroom 3 or 4 times.

Theories include combinations of gut–brain axis problems, gut motility disorders, pain sensitivity, infections including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, neurotransmitters, genetic factors, and food sensitivity.Alarmingly there were also a lot of people that said that they have just given up on dating.It was really upsetting to see so many people struggle to cope with the stresses of dating and finding someone who understands.People often don't realize the challenges that come with IBS, Crohns, Celiacs, etc. We know the toll it takes on our jobs, friendships, and more importantly our dating lives.For the longest time I was literally searching the internet every single day trying to find some way to help myself get over my IBS. So I took it into my own hands to make a dating site.

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    Audio and video chats have consistently been my best tool for testing compatibility before deciding to meet someone out in the real world.