Humorous dating contract

When news of Chan’s relationship agreement first broke, an online dating site polled its users to gauge how they felt about using a written agreement to get their significant other to commit to a date night.Three-fourths of respondents said that they loved the idea.

There are no enforceablelaws involved that are not already in place for couples who have decided to live together withoutgetting married.This contract is in no way intended to provide a means to commit to each other while also providingan easy way out.This contract is intended to be, and should be thought of as serious and comparableto marriage, including an exclusive sexual relationship and a promise not to be intimate with another.Creating a relationship agreement can be a great catalyst for a conversation with your significant other about what they value.When a lot of people hear “relationship agreement,” they automatically think of prenuptial agreements and failed Hollywood marriage settlements – but they’re different. A prenup usually focuses on the divisions of marital assets and property rights in the event of divorce.

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