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Of course, the flip side of Sense – or indeed any third-party customization to an Android device – is that it can significantly delay firmware updates to the latest version of the OS.HTC Hero owners are only this month getting the Android 2.1 update they’ve been long promised, and while the company has confirmed it will be updating this year’s devices to Android 2.2 there’s no definitive timescale for that to take place.It’s a deceptively small phone if you’ve only seen photos, not least because of its strong resemblance to the HTC Desire and Google Nexus One.

As ever, low light results in grainy, poorly-focused shots and the LED flash does little to lighten the scene unless your subject is within its relatively narrow sweet-spot.

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It’s hard to argue with the specifications, certainly.

At the launch of the Wildfire, HTC told us they’d pushed their engineers – and suppliers – hard to pack as much as possible into the smartphone without driving up the price.

To that end, you get a 3.2-inch display, like the Legend, only using a QVGA resolution LCD panel rather than the aluminum phone’s HVGA AMOLED; you also get a capacitive touchscreen, rather than the resistive touchscreen of the Tattoo.

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