How to chat wit pornstar

In the interest of helping fans step up and make the digital space more comfortable for the folks they get off to, we Every performer agreed that fans seem to forget they are actual people with lives—not just sexual beings."[They] assume I will fuck anybody and everybody,” says Ember Snow, adding that fans feel entitled to randomly blurt out things like “I want to cram my dick down your throat." Jessy Dubai says fans start unloading their personal fantasies of how they want a star to have sex with them—"like it’s something I want to hear.” Fans send so many unsolicited dick pics via Twitter and Instagram that some stars just give up on checking their DMs, says Mischievous Kitty.If a step isn’t reciprocated or appreciated, just back off.As Misty Stone puts it, “allow women”—or any other gender of performer—“to place that line.” Then follow their lead.“If someone is posting about sex and porn, feel free to comment back about sex and porn,” says Bunny Colby.

“Would any decent human being walk up to a woman at work or a coffee shop and say to her face, ‘You’re hot; I want to fuck your ass’? ” Remember, treating a performer with respect and empathy doesn't close off the possibility of a sexualized conversation with them.However, on platforms fans are actually paying to use—like the subscription adult social media platform Only Fans, or texting services like Sex Panther—performers are more inclined to engage with fans more directly and more often, explains Andrews.They will also often tolerate more overtly sexual comments and conversations, adds Dubai.And they have to be on social media constantly promoting their content and cultivating a loyal fan base.Many production houses actually choose who to work with based on the number of Twitter followers a given performer has—in other words, how many fans they can sell content to, says 20-year industry vet James Bartholet.

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