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As our lab subjects watched this scene, we observed a specific neural pattern emerge in their high-order brain areas.We were really surprised to see that when this scene was recalled and told using spoken language from a viewer to a non-viewer, the same neural patterns emerged in the same high-order areas in the non-viewer’s brain.However, immediately as the story started, we saw something amazing happen.Suddenly, we saw the neural responses in all of the subjects begin to lock together and go up and down in a similar way.This experimental design allowed us to trace how the experiences encoded in the viewers’ brains while watching the episode were later recalled from memory and shared with the brain of a listener who hadn’t seen it.

Later, we asked them to return to the scanner and relate the episode as a story to a person who had never seen it.

Based on this result, we concluded the auditory cortex becomes entrained to sounds, regardless of whether the sounds convey any meaning.

Next, we scrambled the words in the story, so while each word was comprehensible, all together it sounded like a list of unconnected words.

We started by comparing the similarity of neural responses across different listeners in their auditory cortices — the part of the brain that processes the sounds coming from the ear.

When we looked at responses before the experiment started while our five listeners were at rest and waiting for the storyteller to begin, we saw the responses were very different from each other and not in sync (see the inset bubble at right).

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