How i can get a man relax on sex chat

Handle-him help: Before you try to beat the info out of him, realize his "secret" may be something positive (like he booked a fun trip) or might not be about you."It's okay to keep some private stuff from your partner," says Gratch.No, he's not ready for a nap, but he is ready for bed.

In case you hadn't noticed, dudes aren't exactly that forthcoming.

\n Mention the words sharing and feelings in the same sentence and most guys — yes, even if they're super comfortable with you — will run to the nearest sports bar, where they can avoid using modern language entirely.

"Men are taught to stifle emotion, so they often have trouble verbalizing their thoughts and feelings," explains psychologist Alon Gratch, Ph D, author of If Men Could Talk.

Encourage those lovin' feelings in him by doing something sweet but sap-free, like ordering him a meat-loaded pizza or snuggling up on the couch to watch his team play...minus the whiny commentary. He Has Something to Hide If your man pauses midsentence and the tip of his tongue protrudes through his closed lips — almost as if he's sticking out his tongue — there's a chance he's self-censoring.

"Guys appreciate it when you do something with them that they love even though it's not your thing, because it shows you're willing to put their needs first," says Levkoff. "This reflex signals the speaker is feeling anxious, which is often how people feel when they're afraid they'll leak information," says Givens.

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