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When the partner also has a dissociative identity or personality disorder the situation is usually one of dissatisfaction on both sides. Two types of personalities can be particularly troublesome when partnered with a codependent: In everyday society, one of the slyest archetypes of narcissism is embodied by the womanizer, who sees himself as entitled to any woman he desires at any time. Nonetheless, the first AA-style 12-step program to treat this newly recognized problem—Co-Dependents Anonymous—opened its first chapter in October of the same year (Irving). "A critical analysis of the concept of codependency".

While in her own better judgment she might know that such guys are players, another side of her is hooked on the challenge of trying to tame such a guy; to get him to choose her over all other women.

As observed by disabilities specialist and author Lennard J.

Davis, codependency as a concept soon grew to refer to any: (Davis).

They feel the need to earn or buy love and friendship.

Though there aren't many people in the outside world who wish to involve themselves with such individuals, there's a common exception made for pretty, young women who continually take and unload, but never give or carry their own weight.

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