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I am having a hard time getting to work as money runs out for fuel and then I'm paid less next pay. They will also know of additional resources for you.

Wow I'm on mobile sorry that its not formatted. At my school in Perth there is money set aside to support families get uniform and our P&C will do a call out for pantry items if they know someone is struggling.

-Are there any low-stress second jobs that you could get, like mowing lawns or doing yard work?

-Do you own anything that you don't need that you could easily sell?

Next one I suspect will be around 1600 Rent 740 p/f this is cheap/ average. Internet 30 p/f Rego is 740 a year and coming up soon Other expenses ie baby supplies/ school supplies are about 150 p/f We don't spent much on entertainment as there generally isn't any to spend.

Last pay was 1300 one before 1800 and 800 before that. Car is 200 p/f Rental furniture is 86 p/f Food is between 300-400p/f Fuel is approx 300p/f it was expensive recently so was a bit above this.

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” `You earn that position.’ ” Skeeter Heritage IV, 36, one of three living descendants with the name Skeeter, said he could not imagine working anyplace else.

It has positioned itself in an increasingly competitive market dominated by industry giants Wawa and 7-Eleven as a friendly family-run neighborhood store.“They seem to run a good operation, an honest operation,” said Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association.

Wawa and 7-Eleven brought their chains to New Jersey years later.

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