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He also told Lauer that he had informed his sexual partners of his diagnosis prior to engaging in sexual relations.That has raised questions among the public, and has been contested by at least one former sexual partner.The answer is highly-active antiretroviral treatment (HAART). Today’s HIV meds are better, have fewer side effects and are often available in a single combination pill.When taken consistently and when followed closely by their doctors, people with HIV can achieve an undetectable viral load and maintain it for years. An undetectable viral load means that the copies of HIV in his blood are so few that current tests can’t even find them.First of all, most laws don’t require that someone actually transmit HIV to be charged.Even if no HIV transmission occurs, people with HIV can still be prosecuted and convicted.Why would Sheen have needed to tell his partners he had HIV? The law says that Sheen and all people with HIV must disclose their health status to partners or risk jail time — that’s regardless of viral load, treatment or even transmission of the virus.

There are two powerful ways HIV-negative partners of people with HIV can protect themselves, even if their partner isn’t on treatment: Pr EP and PEP.The media latched on to his “hookup” app username, Tiger Mandingo.What some pointed out was that Missouri has failed to expand Medicaid, and that HIV is still and primarily a disease of poverty and a disease of disenfranchisement.If you’re concerned or think it’s right for you, you can take a specific HIV drug called Truvada every day and your risk of acquiring HIV goes down tremendously — more than 90 percent if taken consistently. PEP is post-exposure prophylaxis, and the idea is similar.Studies have found this to be true in gay men, in transgender women, in non-trans straight women and in injection drug users. If you’re a sex partner of Sheen’s and a condom breaks, or you find out your man has HIV the morning after you have sex, you can go to the ER or your doctor and ask for PEP.

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