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If you are looking for an easy way to turn your man on in the bedroom, dig out your highest pair of sexy stilettos and wear them while having sex! I'm not just saying this, I have asked many men, and researched through many online forums, and the verdict is that every single man has expressed an enthusiastic () response to the mention of high heels in bed. For some reason wearing stilettos during sex is guaranteed to turn most men on.

It may not always be the kind of attention we want, but it's a fact. once you show up in sexy high heels, they feel some of their fantasies coming back from their subconscious.AMIClubwear is famous for designing sexy heels with platforms fo tall they will put gravity to the test when you wear them.If skyscraper heels and balancing all night trying not to fall over aren't your thing thats ok AMI makes something for everyone.Personally I quite like it if my man wears his trilby to bed, so maybe it's an attraction to formal-wear juxtaposed with a raunchy intent.I have come up with a list of 10 reasons as to why men love high heels in the bedroom to explain this phenomena, along with lots of handy tips for you sexy girls who want to give it a go! It makes sense to wear them in the bedroom every once in a while!

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