Hiatus from dating

"Damn kid, you know that I would never do that right?

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When no was else is around, take advantage of the uninterrupted time for serious shut eye. That being said, you shouldn’t totally be slothing around.

When you’re in a relationship, you might be bouncing back and forth between his place and yours, but when there’s no one in the picture, it’s a great time to make sure your living space is really working for you.

Making sure everything that’s there actually enhances it, you’ll feel great once it does. You know it’s not going to hurt to leave them up there, but putting your dating life on pause means that you can stop checking the sites and apps obsessively and get back to doing you. It’s not a punishment to be on a dating hiatus; it’s a great opportunity to focus on you and only you.

YOU ARE READING Romance After a falling out with his fiancee, Tony breaks up with Pepper and realizes his love for a certain spider loving kid. He landed directly in front of me and removed his face mask, looking right into my eyes. I'm still kinda scared." I whispered, looking away. "I-it's 'cuz of a dream I had when I was drunk.

Also this is before infinity war I own nothing but the plot. "Shit kid, making me fall in love with you." He said moving his face towards me. W-we had just finished having sex and I ask if you would e-ever date me and you just slapped me. "I wouldn't because I love you too much." He grabbed my chin making me face him. He stayed the kiss, but lifted me up and flew us back to his place.

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