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In the season premiere, Altman says that it’s ironic that Madison is expanding into the Beverly Hills market and West Los Angeles area after that was allegedly Heather’s idea before Madison fired her.Altman tells news that filming for the current season lasted for roughly an entire year.and confirmed the premiere date of the series’ 10th season.Also this week, the network confirmed the addition of a new female cast member, Tracy Tutor Maltas, who will be taking on the first full-time role in the series’ history.While Bilyeu did want to step out on her own and pursue real estate as a career, Madison simply felt he had to fire her. recently, adding, “And, unfortunately, it didn’t end well. That is a huge conflict of interest, so I had to let her go,” Madison has revealed about their friendship in a blog dating back to November, 2015.But Heather is convinced that Madison was just paranoid about losing clients.

There have also been some questions regarding Josh Flagg and his love life, something he has kept private from the show (the only cast member to do so). And finally, some fans of the show are wondering if Josh Altman and Madison’s assistant Heather Bilyeu are still dating, and while there isn’t a concrete answer to that question, Heather was present at Josh’s premiere party for the show back on January 30. Also below is a video preview of tonight’s episode –UPDATE – A look at Josh Flagg’s personal facebook page has him in a relationship with a guy named Colton Thorn so that should answer the question about Josh’s love life.Well, following last week’s episode, Madison had something interesting to say in his Bravo blog. Thanks to our reader Cleveland girl for pointing this out.There's very little time for love when selling high-priced real estate on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles .Just last week, he shared a pic of them chowing down at Fatburger together (Heather stunned sans makeup and Josh wasn't even wearing a suit), enjoying a casual date night.,’ Josh Altman must find a posh property in less than two days for a billionaire client.

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