Halle berry dating a younger man

At least you know to stay away from Gaga and her wig collection; there's no temptation. Rumors have it that Berry hired private investigators to follow the father of her child, Gabriel Aubry, around. When someone is this crazy, it can only go one of two ways: She's a freak or she's a starfish. Real people are dealing with real suicidal thoughts and battling their own demons and she drops the story like a drama bomb while doing some self-promotion. I could have started and ended the whole investigation with this one simple fact: Halle Berry is a vegetarian? or whatever it is that high-maintenance girls call themselves when they want to have a reason for constantly being on a diet. t as celebrity obsessed or internet savvy doesn't put her in any different of a category. Why will Martinez leave her in the next three years like clockwork?

When it comes to Berry, you are hypnotized, drawn in by her rack so much that you don't hear the door locking behind you, and boom? Some of the world's brightest and most beautiful animals are the deadliest ones. Although they weren't exactly trying to work things out, they were trying to stay friendly as possible for Nahla? (read: She wanted to control Aubry even though they weren't together.) As it turns out, she didn't really need it because he took Kim Kardashian to a Lakers game, which means they were followed by every tipped off pap in town. Anyone with those looks should be able to hold onto a man? They might find a freak, but that kind of crazy risks your penis being cut off in the middle of the night. She didn't come out with the story with a philanthropic end in mind. t reaching out to help at-risk women or youths, but instead she used it to get sympathy. The fact of the matter is that I don't care because whichever she is screams crazy.

They say, 'Well, if they do then it's OK," Canadian author Valerie Gibson who wrote the book "Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men." "A cougar is a very sophisticated, a very attractive, a very sensually-aware woman, very much in control of her life. She says one of the great things about dating a younger man is that she is forced to keep up with women his age and, therefore, stays in good shape."When I first brought him over to my girlfriends house, she said, 'Oh, you've lost so much weight!

' I feel like I have to keep up with women his age and look better and it just makes me feel younger. According to a recent online survey, 67 percent of women say they've dated a younger man and 49 percent of men admit to dating an older woman. They go out on their own — they're called 'cougar hunters.' They have Web sites on their own where to find cougars, what to do with them when you find them," she said.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have come to [this] decision,” the actors said in a joint statement. ” Berry’s second husband, Eric Benét, piled on, tweeting: “My man @23davidjustice is tweeting some truth dis mornin’!

“She was mad at me leaving the relationship so she and her Hollywood Team just tried to destroy my character. “She had a major part to play in their problems, too, and Eric feels as though she should acknowledge that.” While they were married, it was reported that Berry had adopted Benét’s young daughter India, who lost her mother in a car accident when she was just 15 months old.Martinez is her third husband and second baby-daddy and just the latest in a string of bitter breakups and ugly legal battles for the Oscar-winning actress. He’ll be called ‘The Best’ until it ends,” he recently tweeted. “When she first reported that she had been in abusive relationships, she wouldn’t name the ‘famous’ former boyfriend (WS),” he tweeted.The common denominator of all the drama is, of course, Berry herself — leaving many wondering why the beauty has such a beastly record with relationships. He signed off with a warning to Berry’s most recent ex, Martinez. While it was unclear whom, exactly, Justice was referring to, Berry dated Wesley Snipes in 1990.Married 1993 to 1997 Berry’s first marriage, to former Yankee David Justice, ended with her filing a restraining order against him. Me, Eric, Gabriel and Olivier were all her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’, until it ends . “She thought it was totally rude and ungallant.” Married 2001 to 2005 The actress’s second union, to R&B singer-songriter Benét, ended amid his admission that he had cheated on her.Now, following the Berry-Martinez divorce announcement, he’s come out swinging on social media. But a source close to Benét says the singer was unfairly maligned.

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